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How to Install Home Depot Artificial Grass

Home Depot Artificial Grass
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Home Depot receives home depot artificial grass turf 12.33 per square foot with free price and installation service. It comes with a 15-year warranty package and a 1-year labor warranty.

The average turf installation project costs 000 5000 and the amount of labor involved increases when you choose different materials or designs.

You save money in the long run because it lasts for twenty years before the turf is replaced. What are the initial costs of obtaining home depot artificial grass turf from a home depot? It depends on the layout of your yard.

How much does a home depot charge for artificial turf?

Home Depot charges between $ 5.50 and $ 18.75 per square foot, with an average of $ 12.33 per square foot. Low end $ 5, medium $ 12, and high end $ 18 ($ 6- $ 20 per square foot). For example, a 500-foot yard costs more than 6,000.

Additional costs include:

  • Landscape
  • Debris removal.
  • Difficult access.
  • to fill.
  • Irrigation
  • Long-distance
  • Natural odor reducers.
  • Removing bushes or trees and modifying existing structures, and spraying capping.
  • For example, a 500-foot yard costs more than 6,000.

What can I expect from a Home Depot turf installation?

Turf grows at 30 inches per hour. Due to their mesh-like material, water enters the sod from +

open spaces and from below. Big bonus when it rains. Cleaning and maintenance is mild soap or ammonia after which rinsing with warm water is effective and safe for turf.

Depot Artificial Grass

It all depends on how you want your home depot artificial grass turf to look, and which areas of your yard need more attention. With 15 years warranty on products and a 1-year free cleaning warranty on labor. Home Depot can provide you with free estimates and advice on their turf installation, and there must be an appointment for this process.

What is the Process of Installing Artificial Turf?

Sweep and clean the area before applying home depot artificial grass turf to the grass space. Cut it into small pieces depending on how you want to apply it using the chalk line. Flattening and removing wrinkles of unwanted layout when applying turf. Place the grain in front of the audience for a more natural look.

Add seam fiber adhesive and attach the turf pieces, straightening them to reach the desired areas. Perfect placement makes turf smooth and edges smooth. Do not overlay them or place any space between the turfs. Make sure that the entire surface of the turf is covered with dirt until you confirm. It is best to hire a professional to save time and headaches when installing.


  • It saves tons of water. With a national average savings of $ 500 per year.
  • No fertilizer is required, eliminates the number of harmful chemicals released into the air, and pollutes the soil.
  • No one has to pay to cut the lawn.
  • It looks fresh and beautiful for a long time.
  • If you have children or pets, there is no need to track dirt in your home.


  • It does nothing to protect your feet from the scorching sun.
  • Bacteria can be host if you do not clean it properly.
  • It affects the soil under the turf. Due to which it loses its integrity.
  • It does not help absorb CO2 air pollution.
  • When the seams are not installed properly, you can travel to the cells and hurt yourself.
  • This is bad for the natural environment. It is not environmentally friendly at all.
  • Turf is made of plastic that is unusable and ends up on landfills under the road when they are replaced, which does not reduce plastic waste in the long run.

Artificial twist installation by Home Depot competitors

Home Depot’s main competitor also offers the installation of loose artificial turns. Costs may vary depending on the scope of work and the size of the project. To get a quote, go to their home depot artificial grass installation page and click the “Choose your store to get started” button, enter your zip code and fill out the form.

The basic setup consists of the whole thing from eliminating grass and topsoil to casting off lawns and base materials. It is also covered with a manufacturer-backed warranty.

Compared to Home Depot 15 year warranty for the product and a 1-year warranty for Labor. This is a very competitive package, many competitors cannot provide.

You can choose to hire a contractor but their rates and warranties are often not specified on their web pages. Most contractors use third-party websites that allow a user to schedule an appointment or call them directly. And there are often hidden costs that Home Depot provides for free.

Home depots may offer better rates for simple setups and installations, but installing artificial turf on complex ground surfaces may be a better deal.

It’s best to look for both and compare the unique prices of your home. Compared to home depot warranty. Loose has a 10-year warranty and a free installation package like Home Depot.

How much does it cost to install turf at a home depot?

Home depot artificial turf installation costs vary depending on the material and layout of your yard, but the estimated cost for a 500-yard lawn is between 6,000.

When you decide to go with Home Depot, you save a lot of time and hassle installing your turf. You can find a home depot near you and go for a visual idea of what kind of turf you prefer.

Factors to Evaluate When Buying an Artificial Lawn

There are a few factors to consider when choosing an artificial lawn.

The height of the pile

Everyone likes the shape of real grass because of the height of the grass that makes it lush. That is why home depot artificial grass with long piles is more popular. You should look for 30mm to 37mm tall grass. You should not choose a higher height than this as it will make the grass look very flat because the longer the blade of grass, the heavier the blade will be and the more gravity will pull it down which will make it look greener. ۔


The second most important factor when choosing home depot artificial grass is the density and weight of grass per square meter. A good quality home depot artificial grass will be about 3 kg / m2.

The color

home depot artificial grass is available in different colors and shades. To get a natural look, you need to choose the right shade of green and add brown flakes or brown root zone, or brown touch to make it look more natural. It will look like real grass. If you choose grass that is too much or too green, it will look artificial and will not give you the natural look you are trying to get. Also, the grass is available in different shades of green, from bright green to olive green and emerald green and many colors in between. So, you can choose your choice.


Many artificial grass companies send you free samples of their home depot artificial grass range. You can shortlist a few based on samples and ask the company to show you larger samples of them during a site visit. Plant samples in the area where you plan to plant your lawn and see how they look at different times of the day and when you see the samples for a few days you will like it.

How do making a decision on which synthetic turf is satisfactory for you?

Consider using your turf: Will it be installed in an area where lots of pets and children play, a low-traffic front yard, or a high-traffic backyard? The “Ultra Flow” backing and the high-performance yarn are designed for dimensional stability, easy drainage, and heavy traffic for pets and children, says Castello. “Second, determine which turf looks the most realistic and natural to you: the height of the pile and the blade design are important to the natural, realistic shape of the turf. Designed, I recommend choosing a turf that comes with a long warranty, at least eight years, to ensure lifetime coverage of your home depot artificial grass.

When is it better to use real grass?

Depending on your lifestyle, location, and ability to maintain your lawn, real grass may fit better. McFarlane suggested that “who would consider this place.” “If kids are the biggest users of space, you’ll probably want to consider real grass because artificial turf can create surface temperatures that are close to the asphalt floor in hot weather.” Best for those who have adequate water resources and are suitable for maintaining it and don’t mind cutting in a short time. The best person to plant real or home depot artificial grass? A respectable, certified landscape Contractor or Special Sod Installation Contractor.

Low price, low quality

Larger box stores sell items that will move faster and bring higher returns. Unfortunately, the bottom charge frequently approaches the bottom quality, and that is mainly proper in terms of synthetic grass. Unless you are selecting up a few faux types of grass for ornamental purposes, you need to count on that the whole lot you purchase may be capable of resist years of heavy use without enduring put on and tear or different problems. Will, You will not get this from a low-priced product. Lastly, you’ll be more than grateful for the need for frequent repairs or even a complete replacement of your lawn prematurely.

For most homeowners, one of the main reasons for switching to home depot artificial grass is to practically eliminate headaches and additional costs. So while you are investigating extraordinary kinds of synthetic grass, make certain to invite approximately the warranty. Better high-satisfactory merchandise includes higher guarantees.

No professional installation

Discount shops cater to DIY’ers, in order that they wish you may agree to put in synthetic turf you’ve got purchased. If not, they can add you to a list of third-party contractors. However, unlike installing flooring or other common home improvement services, the installation of home depot artificial grass is extremely complex. It is a multifaceted process that starts from the bottom of the surface. It must be in accordance with the soil and soil conditions as well as the type of grass production and its ultimate purpose.

Professional home depot artificial grass installation ensures that your investment will also perform well, look as beautiful as possible, and run smoothly for as long as you expect. A year and year Decades, even. In other words, you get the most return on your investment.

But there is another important reason to choose a professional installation. Without it, your warranty may be void as there is no way to verify that the grass was planted properly. If something goes wrong on the road, you may be out of luck. This is a costly risk.

Why are you getting artificial turf?

If you don’t really care about durability or longevity, low-cost artificial turf may be right for you. However, if your goal is to upgrade your home’s landscape, enhance your outdoor living, or provide a safe, soft play level for children or pets, Products are designed for. If you are cheap, your “good deal” will not be so good.

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